Continuous fibre filaments for 3D printing applications

CEAD is the developer of the CFAM technology. CFAM stands for continuous fibre additive manufacturing. This website is dedicated in making the continuous fibres used for large scale additive manufacturing available to other industry and research partners. We realised that the availability of continuous fibre filaments is limited. CEAD has developed it’s own production line for impregnating and shaping continuous glass and carbon fibres into round filaments. In collaboration with comptape, CEAD is capable of delivering thermoplastic composite continuous fibre filaments for 3D printing. We want to make our R&D available for other companies, enabeling a wider market acceptance of continuous fibre additive manufacturing. We have established a production technology which deliver high quality filaments with a diameter of 1.9mm. These continuous fibre filaments are suitable for research, development and production applications. We will be publishing new materials on this website when the demand is high enough. Please get in touch for special request or needs. We are constantely improving our technolgoy and production capacity. We are always looking for industry partners who want to use our materials and are willing to give feedback on our products.

Available materials

Thermoplastic Polypropyleen
Fibre Glass
Tow size 24K
Color Black
Diameter 1.9 mm
length on request
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Industry Partners